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GDPR compliance

Complying with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR")

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The GDPR comes into effect/came into effect on 25/05/2018. It changes/changed UK data privacy law to give you more control over how your data is used, how you're contacted, as well as better protection for your personal data.

Our current Privacy Policy outlines our policies and practices and is in effect immediately and will continue to be in effect until further notice.

At the beginning of January 2018, we implemented new measures to ensure we have explicit permission to contact you with information about AutoLeisure and our sales and marketing information. We removed our old mailing list and replaced it with a new mailing list in association with a specialist service provider. This requires you to provide express and explicit permission when signing up and opting into specific areas of interest that we can contact you about.

We are committed to having a policy of only contacting you with information related to your account, your orders and other news, sales and marketing information you are interested in receiving from us.

While contacting you about your account and orders is an essential part of the service we offer, we acknowledge that news, sales and marketing information isn't essential to your relationship with us. You can change your preferences as to what types of sales and marketing emails you receive from us or unsubscribe entirely from all future sales and marking emails by updating your profile/preferences by following the link at the bottom of every sales and marketing email we send out.

Things to know about the GDPR:

  1. Under the jurisdictions that the GDPR applies to, every company you deal with has to comply. It is not optional and you need do nothing to be protected by it.

    For example, all United Kingdom based companies (like ourselves) have to ensure that great care is taken with your personal data.

  2. The rapid speed at which technology has advanced over the past few years has meant that the amount of personal data being generated is increasing rapidly. The new changes to the law as a result of the GDPR mean that all companies now have to review how they manage all personal data and ensure good practices are in place. This will help you to be better protected.

  3. You can choose who contacts you, how they contact you and what they contact you about. In most cases, you have to give explicit consent to be contacted about certain things, in an easy to understanding manner.

    For example, the new AutoLeisure Mailing List requires explicit opt-in for areas of interest. Other companies will have to do the same and it is no longer acceptable to make sign-ups overly difficult to understand or pre-tick all those boxes for things you don't want.

  4. You can change your mind. Under the GDPR you have the right to withdraw consent about how you are contacted. This is why we now provide a link at the bottom of every sales and marketing email we send out that allows you to update your profile/preferences to choose what we contact you about, or unsubscribe entirely.

  5. Organisations holding data about you have to have the right processes in place, or risk hefty fines or other action.

You may find some more useful information about the GDPR by visiting the ICO's Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):