Thule Luggage

No matter whether you are going on a family holiday at home or abroad, a caravanning trip or simply touring for the summer, look no further than the Thule luggage range. A brand known for innovation, style and durability with its market leading automotive accessories such as roof boxes and roof top tents, the Thule luggage is no different catering to your every need! As one of the UK’s leading online Thule dealers we are thrilled to bring you our carefully selected range of Thule luggage to ensure your belongings are organised, safe and easily accessible. These versatile Thule products are perfect for the modern traveller no matter where you are going. Shop now and take advantage of FREE UK delivery on orders over £175 & receive a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products.

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  1. Thule Chasm Rucksack 26-Litre Olivine Green
    Special Price £108.00 Regular Price £120.00
  2. Thule Chasm Luggage Backpack 26L Poseidon Blue
    Special Price £108.00 Regular Price £120.00
  3. Thule GoPack Duffel Set For Cargo Carriers 4-pack Set
    Special Price £198.00 Regular Price £220.00
  4. Thule Chasm 70L Duffel Bag Golden
    Special Price £134.99 Regular Price £149.99
  5. Thule Chasm Laptop Backpack 26L Golden
    Special Price £107.99 Regular Price £119.99
  6. Thule GoPack Backpack Set For Cargo Carriers - Black
    Special Price £197.99 Regular Price £220.00
  7. Thule Chasm Rucksack / Backpack 26L Black
    Special Price £108.00 Regular Price £120.00
  8. Thule Chasm 90L Duffel Bag Black
    Special Price £120.00 Regular Price £140.00
  9. Thule Chasm 40L Duffel Bag In Black
    Special Price £90.00 Regular Price £110.00
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What is Thule Luggage?

In case you haven’t heard of them, Thule is the market leading brand for automotive accessories. The company started in Sweden in 1942, and by the 1960’s Thule was revolutionising the car accessories market with its Thule roof rack system. Since then the brand has developed many innovative products such as Thule roof boxes, Thule rooftop tents, Thule bike racks and Thule roof bars. If you want to read more about Thule, check out our Thule guide. 
Thule is a brand whose products help you embark on the most amazing adventures, so it was only a matter of time until the Thule luggage range was launched. Across the Thule luggage collection there are many stylish and practical designs that will offer a great solution for you. At AutoLeisure, we believe it is important that every could enjoy the great outdoors, so we have carefully curated our range of camping, caravanning, touring and general outdoor products to fit this believe. We stock Thule Chasm range which are one of the most versatile and rugged bags and luggage on the market being made from durable weather resistant material. Coming in a range of different colours, depending on what you need there is everything from the Thule Chasm backpack which is great for sport, travel, or everyday adventures to the Thule Chasm 130L duffel bag that can be thrown in your roof box, boot of the car or used on far flung adventures. We also sell the Thule Go Pack range which is a set of bags specifically designed to fit into your Thule roof box or Thule cargo carrier.

Why should I buy Thule Luggage from AutoLeisure?

Whether you need a long-lasting backpack to carry your laptop in, you are going on a off road adventures or simply enjoying a European business trip, it is important to have bags and luggage that are built to last. That is why at AutoLeisure we offer the Thule Chasm and Thule Go Pack ranges. The Thule Chasm duffel bags which come in 4 different sizes and double up as back packs, are a very versatile piece of kit and great for both leisure and business. This range also offers a Thule Chasm wheeled luggage option which is ideal for those who may be travelling on different modes of transport, through train stations, airports or on other adventures that may require a lot of walking. If you want something smaller to carry your laptop in or that needs to fit into a confided space, then look no further as the Thule Chasm back packs are ideal for this. 
As mentioned above the Thule Go Pack range are specifically designed to fit into Thule Cargo carriers or Thule roof boxes so if you are an enthusiast for road trips and Thule products then this set of bags is perfect for you. 
In summary, the Thule luggage range is stylish, versatile, durable, and practical. If you are looking for something that you can use all year round, on outdoor adventures, for business or just general travel then a bag from the Thule luggage range is for you. 

Thule Luggage FAQs

  • Does Thule luggage fit into my Thule Roof Box or Thule Cargo Carrier?

    Yes, the Thule Go Pack range is designed specifically to fit Thule Roof Boxes and Thule Cargo Carriers. They are sold in packs of 4 to optimise the space in your Thule accessories.  For those who like back packs, the Go Pack Backpack is for you and if you like duffel bags then go for the Thule Go Pack Duffel Bag. It is also worth noting the backpacks have been designer to double up as a duffel bag which gives you more flexibility depending on what adventure you are embarking on.

  • Are the Thule Go Pack and Thule Chasm luggage ranges waterproof?

    The Thule Chasm range is made from weather resistant tarpaulin fabric to protect your kit against adverse weather. The Thule Go Pack range is made from a weatherproof 1000D polyester base which keeps your gear dry.

  • What sizes does the Thule Chasm luggage come in?

    The smallest item in the Thule Chasm Range is the Thule Chasm 26L backpack. The Chasm duffel bags come in 4 sizes which are: 40L, 70L, 90L and 130L. For those who want luggage with wheels the Thule Chasm Luggage with wheels comes in a smaller size which is 40L and a larger size which is 81cm.