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Caravan Covers

Invaluable when it comes to protecting the outside of your caravan from any dirt, damp or cold weather, we stock full caravan covers (perfect for winter storage), top caravan covers (protection from tree sap) and wheel covers (to protect them from UV light) along with covers for your water tanks. So once you're back on the road, your caravan looks as good as new.

Our covers for caravans come in different sizes to fit all types of caravan & motorhome. If you can't find the ideal size or type please get in touch & we'll be sure to help!

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Full Caravan Covers

The perfect all-in-one solution to protect your caravan in the winter. Our full caravan covers protect all sides of your caravan from the damaging effects of damp, frost and condensation along with protection from dirt and tree sap. Our caravan covers are made from heavy duty breathable 4-ply material, making sure moisture easily evaporates which reduces the risk of mould, mildew or algae. The caravan covers also have a high level of UV protection, making sure your caravan is protected from sun damage. All our full caravan covers are easy to fit with full fitting instructions provided.

Top Caravan Covers

This breathable solution to protecting your caravan from condensation and dirt such as leaves, tree sap and dust is perfect if you still want easy access to the inside of your caravan in winter. Our top caravan covers are also fully waterproof which means your caravan will stay dry through the winter.

Caravan Hitch Covers

Protect your hitch and wiring with a cover that will ensure no dirt or condensation forms. This will increase the lifespan and usability of your towing gear. Our hitch covers are universal over standard caravan hitches and AL-KO stabiliser hitches.

Wheel Covers

Your caravan wheels and rims are important to keep protected, ensuring they are in the best condition for towing. Our covers protect your caravan tyres from the weather, and most importantly UV rays. They are supplied with eyelets to enable pegging down to ensure they keep protecting your caravan wheels in all weathers.