Hikes, Bikes & Things Alike

Our caravans provide us with an unmatched opportunity for exploration, from mountains to the coastline. But when we arrive at our destination what is the best way to truly take in the scenery and get a feel for the area you are in? Read on for our best tips on getting around the campsite and the surrounding area. When it comes to getting around, there are a few things you should consider beforehand. The Location, transportation resources, and how far you want to take your exploration mission.


Like most things when camping, the location plays a key role in how you prepare for your trip away, whether this be what you take or how long you plan to go for. Depending on the place you are visiting there will be different opportunities to explore and different ways in which you will be able to get around.

For example, if you are travelling to a mountainous area it might not be viable to take a bike with you as trails could be too narrow to use them on. It is always worth researching the area in which you will be staying in order to better understand which methods of transport you will most likely use when you are there.

choosing the right location for the outdoorschoosing the right location for the outdoors

The location will also affect the finer details of what you will take with you in order to explore and make the most of the area. It isn’t just the difference between taking a bike or not, but perhaps which shoes are best suited for where you are going and what you will be doing when you are there. If you are going to seaside areas it is usually not necessary to take walking boots, but instead take a pair of light trainers or sandals.

Transportation Resources

The resources you have in and on your caravan will also massively affect what you can and can’t take with you on your caravan break. If you plan on taking a bike with you it is always best to fit a bike rack to your caravan. These keep your bikes out of the way, leaving plenty of room inside the caravan for your equipment and other essentials. Some people do opt to store their bike inside the caravan while it is being transported, however this does run the risk of causing damage to the internals of your caravan if you find yourself breaking heavily or the bike is not stored safely.

Although bikes are likely to be the most substantial thing you will want to transport with your caravan it is important to not forget about the smaller items as well. Things like hiking boots and poles can soon start taking up a lot of space inside your caravan so we would always recommend only taking the items necessary for the trip you plan to be going on to ensure you have plenty of living space in the caravan. This is ever more important when you have a smaller sized caravan.

Travel Distance

After researching the location you are going to be staying in, you may find yourself wanting to see some particular landmarks in the area. If it is a particularly scenic place there is no better way to explore it than being on foot or on a bike. Not only does this bring an extra level of enjoyment to your holiday, but it also allows you to get a feel for the area you will be calling ‘home’ for the next few days.

The great thing about towing a caravan is that your car is with you everywhere you go on holiday, giving you the freedom to travel further afield when you’re away. With caravanning flexibility is key, after all you are there to relax and take in the scenery at your own pace. Whether that be a day of hiking or hopping on a bike and taking to the trails!

researching your caravan siteresearching your caravan site


Bikes are an excellent addition to any caravan holiday, while also being easy to bring along on a roof rack on the car, or a bike rack on the caravan. But with so many different types and styles of bike around, how do you know which one will get the most out of your caravanning break? The great thing about exploring on a bike when you are away is that you don’t need anything fancy to get going. Just as long as your bike is in a safe condition to ride, it will do! However, if you are into your cycling and prefer a certain type of caravan break it might be worth getting a more specialised bike.

For those who often caravan in more built-up areas with good road access it would be an idea to lean towards getting a road bike. These bikes do exactly what it says on the tin and give you optimum performance when riding on tarmac. They are ideal for exploring places where you plan on travelling longer distances. They are however limited to tarmac use only as their tinner tyres and rigid design make them unusable on rough terrain.

Mountain bikes are the preferred type of bike for caravanning holidays. They can be used both on and off road and allow the rider to explore almost anywhere. As caravan parks are often in rural areas, these bikes mean you can maximise how much of the local area you can see. Due to the increased size of the tyres any usually a larger frame, these bikes are slightly slower in road. This generally means you will not be able to cycle so far on them.

If you want to get all the benefits of freedom a bike can bring, but don’t fancy the idea of pedalling up hills, why not think about getting an electric bike. In both road and mountain bike variants, electric bikes are great for going that extra mile without getting you out of breath. Electric mountain bikes bring the best of both worlds as motor makes up for the drop in road efficiency.

Planning how you’re going to get around when you are away on your caravan trip is always a great idea that will ensure you will maximise the potential of each and every caravan trip you have. Whether it is simply taking the right pair of shoes with you, to taking along enough bikes for the whole family!