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Caravan Motor Movers

A caravan motor mover allows you to quickly, easily and accurately manoeuvre your caravan in any way you might need, either on a campsite or whilst at home storing your motorhome.

Here at Autoleisure we supply a collection of Powrtouch caravan motor movers (the UK's most popular motor mover) and Truma motor movers suitable for use with caravans up to 3100 kg. Our motor movers come with a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee along with our price match promise, if you find any of our motor movers cheaper online, we'll match the price.

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What motor mover do I need for my caravan?

It primarily depends on whether your caravan has a single or twin axle, i.e if you have two or four wheels on your caravan.

A single motor mover on a single-axle caravan will turn the caravan in an arc by driving one wheel forward. To make your single-axle caravan turn on its axis, and allow for tight maneuvering, you need a motor mover for each wheel. 

For a twin-axle caravan you would need a minimum of two motor movers, one for each axle. This will turn your twin-axle caravan in an arc manoeuvre with a small amount of scrubbing.

What about four wheel drive?

This is a set of four motor movers for your twin-axle caravan. It allows you to have an axle on each wheel, allowing for ultimate manoeuvrability, extra power and control compared to the standard twin set.

Manual or Automatic?

Engagement of the mover on to the tyres can be manual using a wrench, or automatic using a remote handset. A mover with manual engagement can engage both sides of the caravan from one side. It is easy to use for most caravan owners, with just a single movement. An automatic mover has actuator motors to move the rollers on and off the wheels. It is simple to use – pressing two buttons, no effort required.

To summarise, buy a manual motor mover if you don't mind the small effort of manually turning the engagement actuator and buy an automatic motor mover if you want a completely hands-off experience with no effort.

Model Comparison

  Cross Actuation Electric Actuation Soft Start

Weight (kg)

Speed (cm/s) Max Gradient Reccomended battery  Guarantee
Powrtouch Freedom   35 25 25% 85Ah 5yr
Powrtouch Evolution Manual   30 28 35% 85Ah 5yr
Powrtouch Evolution Automatic   30 28 35% 85Ah 5yr
Truma XT Automatic   28 17 15% 38Ah 5yr