Winterhoff WS 3000kg Stabiliser


Product Features:

○ Convenient single lever operation for both coupling and stabilising
○ Reduces rolling and pitching motions
○ Suitable for drawbar connections with diameters of 35/40/45/46/50/51mm
○ Approved up to a total weight of the trailer/caravan of 3000 kg
○ Permissible drawbar load (noseweight) 150 kg
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Winterhoff WS 3000kg Stabiliser

The design of the WS3000 dampens dangerous, side-to-side rolling of the trailer right from the start ensuring safe track holding. The arrangement of the front and rear friction elements reduces the unpleasant pitching movement of the car/trailer combination. e.g as a result of undulations or dips in road surfaces. The slender design guarantees excellent angular flexibility for manoeuvring. Reduced rolling and pitching up to 330 Nm. Convenient single lever system for coupling and stabilising. Extremely large friction elements for long service life. Generously dimensioned spring assemblies for constant pressure.

EU approved for a trailer weight up to 3000 kilos
Permissible drawbar load 150 kilos

To accommodate all types of trailer the WS 3000 can be a retro-fit.