W4 Universal Bulb Kit


Product Features:

○ Essential electrical kit for any caravan or campervan
○ Bulbs 12V x 15
○ Fuse x 5
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W4 Universal Bulb Kit

A handy kit including an extensive range of bulbs and fuses. Perfect to take on long journeys to take away the worry of a blown bulb or fuse.


H1 Headlight Bulb
H4 Headlight Bulb
H7 Headlight Bulb
2 X Side Bulb 207
Side Bulb 501
Indicator Bulb 382
Stop/Tail Bulb 566
2 X Side Bulb 233
Interior Bulb 239
Indicator Bulb 581
Stop/Tail Bulb 380
Side Bulb 245

Blade Fuse: 10A, 15A, 20A
Mini Blade Fuse: 10A, 15A