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Milenco Compact Security Wheel Clamp for Caravans & Motorhomes


Product features

  • Integrated locking mechanism with a winding handle offering complete security
  • The wheel clamp comes with a foam back to protect your alloy wheels
  • Comes complete with a storage bag
  • Simply turn the winding handle to clamp onto the wheel and then push the handle in to lock the clamp
  • Please ensure you make a note of your key number (there are no master keys if you lose them).
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The Compact Wheelclamp is easy to fit and is insurance approved, fits all Caravan and Motorhome wheels from 12" to 16" and 145 to 225 size tyres. Fits both Steel and Alloy wheels.

Milenco Compact Wheelclamp

More Information
Manufacturer Milenco

My key will not turn in the lock or only turns on a quarter of a turn

Check you have the correct key.

The correct key will not turn more than a quarter of a turn WARNING Do not force the key to turn

Check the key is fully inserted into the lock. Turn clockwise as far as you can then applying pressure to the key rotate the key anti-clockwise. Repeat to ensure the key is fully inserted.

The first quarter of a turn simply aligns the wafers in the lock. The second quarter of a turn opens the lock.

The correct key is fully inserted and still will not turn

Check that the Wraith Lock has free movement through the wheel of the caravan. The same as when it was fitted.

If the Wraith lock body does not have free movement, the lock will not release until this free movement is restored.

If your caravan has moved this applies a load to the lock, it is designed not to release to maximise security.

Move the caravan back so that there is, free movement with the Yellow lock body.

This may also be achieved with the corner steadies.

As a guide, you should be able to rotate the Wraith, when fitted a minimum of 10 mm in either direction, subject to the aperture size in the wheel.

Please remember that once your key has turned about half a turn you still need to physically pull the Wheel Clamp off the wheel.