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The Success Story of Thule

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The Success Story of Thule

Thule are one of the most well-known and reputable suppliers of car accessories in the world. They supply some of the highest quality roof bars, bike racks, and roof boxes on the market today along with hundreds of accessories for adaptation of their products to a huge number of vehicles. But when and where did it all begin? And how has Thule grown into such a hugely successful manufacturing company?

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When Was Thule Founded?


Thule was founded by the Thulin family, in Sweden in 1942. Starting as relatively small company it did not see major growth until the 1960’s when it began to specialise in the manufacturing and distribution of roof racks and accessories which allowed vehicles to increase their luggage capacity through additional storage areas. Since then, Thule has developed into a multibillion-dollar company, expanding their product lists while remaining critical with quality control.


The Thule Reputation


When you hear the name ‘Thule’ you know you are in safe hands, Thule have gained an unmatched reputation in the vehicle accessory industry and for good reason. Throughout their entire history, Thule have always focussed on delivering a product which not only meets the needs of their target audience but does so in a safe and reliable way. The niche Thule focusses on is an area where a reputation for high build quality and safety are of extreme importance. Their goal has always been to deliver a product that can be counted on time and time again, with users of Thule having a sense of confidence during each use of their Thule product. Thule have maintained this reputation by retaining strict quality standards throughout all the manufacturing steps for each of their products, from structural design to high quality construction materials.


Products Which Revolutionised Thule


Thule is perhaps most widely known for creating roof bars and racks, and for good reason. These are the items which allowed Thule’s true potential to really shine through. Roof rack and external storage on a vehicle need to be of extremely high quality, and the user needs to have full trust in the manufacturer to be able to use the product effectively. This is where Thule’s approach to product manufacturing shone through, instantly gaining recognition for their attention to detail and their avoidance of cutting corners which could resulting in potentially costly product failures.

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Thule focussed their efforts on creating products which would benefit customers who love adventure and exploring the outdoors, allowing them to transform an everyday family car into a vehicle which can support an adventure for the whole family. The Thule selection of bike racks allow for the transportation of up to four bikes, neatly at the back of your vehicle leaving plenty of room for other storage options. Thule also developed a winter collection including storage facilities specifically for snow sporting activities, perhaps targeted more towards the European market, but nonetheless expanding the Thule catalogue, and further building its reputation into what it is today.


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Meeting Modern Needs


One of the main factors that limit success in the very competitive industry Thule find themselves in (especially companies which were founded such a long time ago) is the ability to develop quickly enough to meet the needs of the modern world. People want efficiency, products need to be affordable, and products need to be adaptable. Thule have kept their pole position in this industry by meeting each and every one of those needs, creating highly versatile products which are easy to use and will last a lifetime.Bike RackIt must be said, although Thule are not the cheapest of brands, they remain highly sort after due to the extremely high build quality and their reliability.

The Thule range has expanded into different area in their most recent years, including strollers, bags, cases and even rooftop tents for cars. All of which have been developed with the same high standards in mind to maintain the exceptional reputation Thule has.