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The Camping Roadmap Out of Lockdown

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The Camping Roadmap Out of Lockdown

After almost a full year of lockdowns across the United Kingdom it is finally beginning to look as though we are on our way back to a more normal existence. COVID-19 cases are falling, and vaccines are rolling out, inspiring the UK prime minister to announce an ‘irreversible’ roadmap out of the current lockdown. With this news a lot of us are looking forward to the summer ahead and making up for a year of restrictions. But in terms of caravanning & camping, when are we allowed to get back to what we love and start enjoying our caravan holidays once again?


What Does the Roadmap Mean for Us Campers?


Well firstly let’s take a quick look at the government’s roadmap out of lockdown for everyone and see where different types of caravan trips come into it.

Lockdown roadmap


So, unfortunately ‘Step 1’ of the roadmap will leave us unaffected, this step is due to take place on the 8th March 2021, with an additional stage on 29th March 2021 allowing for a further ease of restrictions. It is not until Step 2, taking place on 12th April that we as campers will begin to see a change in restrictions. Assuming Coronavirus cases begin to drop as expected, on the 12th April 2021 people in the United Kingdom will be allowed to start travelling (within the UK only), and domestic overnight stays will be allowed along with stays in self-contained accommodation (with household members only).

There are still restrictions stating you must not travel outside of the UK and cannot mix indoors with other households. This means of course your camping plans might be slightly altered when compared to pre lockdown life. But, lets look on the bright side, it does mean you can get out there in your caravan and start doing what you love once again!

That brings us to Step 3, assuming there have been no complications with our exit up until this point, the 17th May 2021 see’s the next ease of lockdown restrictions in the UK. Step 3 gets us just a little bit closer to that sweet taste of normal life we have all been craving. At this stage caravanning holidays in the UK will almost be completely back to normal which is great news for us. You will be allowed to have people outside your household stay in your caravan overnight (mixing of two households only, and a maximum of six people), while also being able to have gatherings outside of up to 30 people.

And finally, Step 4, the one we have all been waiting for. Assuming everything goes to plan up until this point, the UK could be getting its first taste of freedom on the 21st June 2021. Allowing us to return to a somewhat ‘normal’ way of life once again.


Caravan setup

Slow and Steady


Due to the proposed roadmap out of lockdown, we will experience a slow transition back to our normal lives. So, what can and can’t we do as campers during this transition period?

Well thanks to the fairly isolated style of living a caravan can provide we are lucky enough to be one of the first ones to be positively affected by the lifting of restrictions. But it is of course important to follow the government guidance closely to ensure the success of the easing of restrictions.

From Step 2 onwards you will be able to make use of your caravan with it fitting into the category of ‘self-contained accommodation’. This will most likely mean you should prepare to have very limited services at any campsite you visit, so be sure to take enough supplies to last you the entire time you plan to be away. To help minimise risks while you are away you should also try and use the toilet facilities in your caravan where possible. Be sure to check whether shower and toilet facilities will be available at all at the campsite you are visiting (Some may not be fully open at this stage meaning a reduced number of amenities).

At this stage you should not have any overnight visitors, and any visitors you do have should be outside your caravan. You may also find the campsite you are visiting has rules put in place that restrict the number of visitors (if any) that you can have while staying there. You should respect the campsite rules and follow any guidance that has been put in place at all times.


Essentials To Prepare For Your First Camping Trip


With the roadmap in place, it is a great time to start getting your caravan ready for a summer full of camping trips. This means any cleaning that hasn’t been done over the winter and checking all the systems onboard are working properly. If you are planning on going away during the first stages of lockdown lifting it is very important to ensure you can live in your caravan in a self-contained way just in case there are limited services at your destination. For some great tips on cleaning your caravan check out our ‘Deep Cleaning Your Caravan’ blog.

The most important systems onboard you caravan will be the water & waste system and ensuring the gas equipment onboard works correctly, so it is both safe and functional. With the mixing of people indoors being limited, a caravan awning can make life outside the caravan slightly more comfortable and makes a great addition to your caping arsenal all year round!