Staying Safe While Caravanning

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Staying Safe While Caravanning

Caravanning holidays have always been a favourite for Britons, with beautiful rural locations just a stone’s throw away from towns and cities, caravanning is ideal for relaxing and exploring nature, without the price tag of other holidays. But how do you make sure your caravan is kept safe while you’re away?

With holidays abroad becoming a bit of a risky endeavour, 2020 has seen a massive increase in staycation holidays and breaks in the UK. So, people have been taking to the coastlines, mountains, and forests that our beautiful country has to offer. However, these caravanning breaks unfortunately don’t come without their own associated risks. With a rise in camping and caravanning breaks comes a increase in caravan related thefts. With the October half term just round the corner, we have put together a few tips make sure you’re taking the right precautions to keep your caravan as safe as possible while you’re at home and away.


Tow-Away Thefts


Now you might think it would be a bit of a bold move for someone to hitch up your entire caravan and tow it away…but thieves are bold! A caravan that is parked incorrectly or left without sufficient security is a dream come true when you are caravan thief. We all try and make it as easy as possible to hitch and unhitch our caravans to save some time, but this doesn’t work in our favour when it comes to someone else trying to steal the caravan!

Luckily for us there is a lot of easy to use, caravan protection equipment at our disposal. Hitch locks are one of the most popular anti-theft devices for caravans and trailers, they simply fit into the towball socket of your beloved caravan making it impossible for anything to hitch up to your caravan. These security devices are one of the cheaper protective devices you can use but are an effective deterrent for anyone wanting to take your caravan for a spin.


hitch lock


For a more modern way to protect your caravan, why not fit a tracking device, these monitor the location of your caravan through GPS signal. Apps can be used to view your caravans’ position in real-time, alerting you to any movement within seconds so you can contact the police. Although caravan tracking devices do not directly stop your caravan being stolen, they are fantastic for recovering your caravan if the worst were to happen. To make the most out of your tracker make sure you put a few stickers on the outside, this will act as a great deterrent for any caravan thief!


For a more old school way of keeping your from going on an adventure without you is using a wheel clamp, a caravan with a wheel clamp on it usually says enough to keep thieves at bay. These security devices are not easy to remove at all, rendering the caravan motionless by doing exactly what it says…clamping the wheels. The only downside to the use of this is storage when not in use, as they must fit around the wheel of the caravan, they can be rather large even when in their smallest position. However, we would suggest using a wheel clamp every time the caravan is not in tow so it shouldn’t interfere with anything when the caravan is being occupied!

wheel clamp


Keeping Your Caravan Contents Safe


Now of course not all thieves are looking for a shiny caravan to tow away, oh no, they just want all the goodies inside it! This might not leave you without your pride and joy, but it can obviously cause just as much distress. Caravans can be targeted for break in thefts due to people generally being relaxed about security when they are at a campsite and leaving doors insufficiency locked or just unlocked completely.

It is always a good idea to keep your caravan locked completely with appropriate caravan locks whenever you are not in, or around it. Caravan parks or destinations are often unfamiliar places, this is obviously great for exploring but also means the criminal operations and activities in the area are unknown. All windows and doors should be closed and locked properly, try and make sure any high value items are kept out of sight. Its never a bad idea to add additional locks to your caravan where possible, this will just give you that extra peace of mind

Caravan parks also have a great social scene, so get to know your new neighbours. This a fantastic way to keep your caravan and contents secure as they can look over your caravan when you are away, and you can do the same for them! Nothing is more off-putting toa criminal than a community that cares.


Preparation is Key!


Keeping your caravan safe and secure is vital, even when there are no risks of theft in the area you are in. It is unlikely that you will ever experience any caravan related criminal activity, however it is always best to be prepared by maintaining a high level of security at all times around your caravan. This not only gives you peace of mind when you’re away from your caravan, but also makes caravan theft unsustainable for criminals in the future.