Staying Cool This Summer

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Staying Cool This Summer

Summer is on it’s way, and with many campers crossing their fingers and hoping for blue skies and warm temperatures we also face the challenge of keeping our caravans cool. Caravans are particularly susceptible to overheating in the summer months if they aren’t cooled properly. For the most reliable and effective way of cooling your caravan, most campers will opt for a caravan air condition system. Today we will be covering the benefits and features of some of the most popular air conditioning units for your caravan such as those from Truma.


Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit for Your Caravan


Choosing the correct air conditioning unit for your caravan is essential to ensure not only good value for money, but the right comfort level for your caravan. The type of air conditioning unit for your caravan depends on a variety of factors which should all be considered to make sure you get the most out of your unit.

The size, features, and area of operation will all have an impact on which air conditioning unit is most suitable for you and your caravan setup. More modern units will have features which improve the ease of use and allow you to monitor and regulate the environment within your caravan more accurately.

Below are some of the considerations you should make which relate to the features of the caravan you have and how these can affect the performance of your caravan air conditioning unit.

  • Caravan Size – The size of your caravan is one of the most obvious factors to consider when buying an air conditioning unit. A larger internal area will require a more powerful unit, and in some cases multiple air conditioning units working in conjunction to provide the desired effect.

  • Installation Location – With so much variation in the design and layout of caravans it is important to consider where your air conditioning unit will physically be installed. Units should be installed as high as possible to allow for the most effective cooling. They will most commonly be located on the roof of the caravan or in a storage area.

  • Windows – If your caravan has large windows, they will typically heat up faster when they are in the sun – like a greenhouse. For this reason, if you have large windows, it might be necessary to have a larger or more powerful air conditioning unit in your caravan.

  • Caravan Insulation – Just like in a house, the insultation in your caravan will play a key role in the maintenance of a comfortable internal environment. Newer caravans are more likely to be better insulated which will therefore only require a small, low energy air conditioning unit.

Visualised below is a graph showing a few of the air conditioning units we stock here at Autoleisure and the size of caravan they are best suited for.


Length of caravan

View more about these dedicated caravan air conditioning units below:


Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit for You


Air conditioning is almost always chosen to increase the comfort inside your caravan, and comfort is a totally personal thing. This means it is important to think about how suitable your caravan air conditioning will be for you, personally. This goes for everything, from how and where you use your caravan, to how many people will be staying in it. We have listed a few things to think about for your own personal comfort levels below.

  • Where You Will Travel – If you are planning in travelling abroad to hot areas of Europe and beyond, you are more likely to experience higher temperatures. This will call for more powerful air conditioning. In contrast, if you only visit cooler areas, you will need a less powerful unit, or maybe none at all.

  • Caravan Occupants – The number of people staying in your caravan will impact your choice on unit type. The higher the number of occupants the higher the internal temperature and humidity of your caravan. So, if you are looking to stay cool in the warmer weather and have a large family it might be worth choosing a more powerful, larger unit.

  • Cooking & Showering – Cooking and showering inside your caravan often will increase the humidity of the internal environment. Regulating humidity is easy using the correct air conditioning unit, and will have a big impact on the comfort levels withing your caravan (See the ‘Comfortable Air Conditioning’ section for more).
  • Air Conditioning Areas – With the correct placement it is possible to have areas of your caravan which have air conditioning, and areas which do not. Some people may prefer to only have air conditioning in the sleeping areas of their caravan and leave the rest untouched.



Types of Caravan Air Conditioning


There are two main types of air conditioning units available for caravans, these are compressor air conditioners, and evaporative air conditioners. Both are used to cool the are inside your caravan, however each of them work in a different way with their own unique benefits. Let’s take a look at them below.

Compressor Air Conditioners

Working like a refrigerator, this type of air conditioning unit uses a gaseous refrigerant which circulates within an enclosed system. A compressor is used to liquify the refrigerant which is fed into an evaporator. The evaporator is used to absorb the thermal energy of the surroundings, transferring this thermal energy to the refrigerant while removing the heat from the surrounding environment and thus decreasing external temperature. This process also causes moisture in the air to be absorbed which will result in a reduction in humidity within your caravan. This is the most commonly used air conditioner, used by companies such as Truma.


Evaporative Air Conditioning Units


Using water as a refrigerant these units cool air by sucking it in and passing it over a surface which is constantly moist. The moisture evaporates into the air and removes the heat during this process. This type of air conditioning unit is therefore unable to dehumidify the air while cooling it. This makes them more suitable for dryer regions with moderate temperatures.  


Comfortable Air Conditioning


The goal of air conditioning is to improve the comfort levels inside your caravan by controlling the temperature and sometimes the humidity as well. Maintaining the temperature and humidity to a comfortable level can be the difference between having an enjoyable camping experience or an unbearable one, depending on the weather.  


The Comfort Zone


Above is a graph demonstrating the most comfortable general living conditions in terms of temperature and humidity, shown as the comfort zone. Air conditioning units can help make the environment more comfortable, this is demonstrated by the example shown in the graph above. Taking an environment which is 27°C and has relative humidity of 65%, it shows how a compressor air conditioning unit (dark blue) is most suitable to achieve comfort than an evaporative air conditioning unit (light blue) as it removes moisture in the air while helping to reduce the temperature.