Setting Up Your Caravan Pitch

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Setting Up Your Caravan Pitch

If you are new to caravanning, setting up your caravan pitch for the first time can take some getting used to. Though your caravan can be very similar to a house, inevitably there are some differences. But with the right routine in place, you can have your caravan in position, connected to power, and ready to use in no time. So, join us today as we explore the best ways to set up your pitch to get your caravan holiday underway as efficiently as possible.


What Do You Need?

A caravan is much like a house, the main difference being the appliances and units in the caravan are not plugged into the mains. This means you have to either find a way to link your caravan to the mains (this is how you will usually get your electricity) or have supplies onboard your caravan which you can use (usually how you will get your water supply).

When it comes to connecting your caravan to the mains and getting supplies to your caravan the right kit can make all the difference. See below for some information regarding the most important supplies to consider.

Electrical Supply

Your electrical supply is crucial for a comfortable stay in your caravan. The modern world is heavily dependant on electrical power, so whether it’s charging your phone or running a heater, an effective electrical connection will make all the difference.

Most caravan pitches will have a facility for mains power hook-ups so to connect to these you will need a mains connection lead. These are simple to use and transfer power from the mains to your caravan.

If you are unable to connect your caravan to mains electricity you will have to rely on your caravan batteries for power. Be sure to fully charge them before you leave, and keep an eye on their power levels throughout your stay and regulate your electrical usage.


It is always useful to have functioning water and waste systems in your caravan. If the facilities at the campsite you’re visiting are out of service, having running water and functioning waste will be vital for the comfort of your stay.

To ensure clean water, it is a great idea to treat your fresh water. Water treatment will help keep the water stored in your caravan fresh and ready to use when you need it. It also stops the build-up of algae and other nasty things inside your caravan water systems.

When it comes to filling your fresh water tanks, there is no easier way to do so than using an Aquaroll Water Carrier, these allow you to transport large quantities of water without ever having to strain – simply roll the water carrier along the ground. These are great for large caravan pitches where the water filling facilities are a distance from your caravan pitch.

If you are using the water systems on your caravan there will be a time where you need to empty your grey water and waste tanks. This isn’t the nicest of jobs but it can be made easier with the right equipment! Fiamma roll waste tanks allow you to transport caravan waste to the appropriate disposal areas with ease. Ensuring you regularly empty your caravan waste tanks will avoid any overfill mishaps and make the disposal process much easier.

Water & waste


If you are planning on cooking in your caravan, or if you have a gas heater you will need a gas supply for your caravan. Monitoring your caravan gas levels is important to ensure you have enough to last for the time you are away. Gas level checkers are ideal for monitoring your caravan gas usage so you are never caught without gas.

Using a gas regulator can also help save gas as well as improve the safety of your caravan giving you an option to shut off the gas supply quickly in case there is a leak.


Positioning Your Caravan

Positioning your caravan at the campsite has traditionally been a very manual process, and usually requires a bit of pushing and shoving to get your caravan in the ideal spot. But modern technology has made it as easy as pressing a few buttons. Motor movers allow you to control your caravan as if it were a remote-control toy. These handy devices are fitted to your caravan and can be activated in seconds to allow you to drive your caravan under its own power into your caravan pitch!

Motor Mover

When you arrive at your caravan pitch you will want to get set up as quickly as possible. But it is important to make sure your caravan is positioned in a way that complies with any site rules – it is a good idea to take a look at any rules before you choose which caravan site you’re going to (eg are pets allowed, etc.).

When your caravan is in the position you want, make sure the handbrake is firmly applied to stop it from moving. It is good practice to place chocks on either side of the wheels to provide an extra level of security to stop the caravan from moving, though you will have to remember to remove these before towing your caravan when you leave.  


Setting up your first caravan pitch can be a stress-free experience if you are prepared for it. The right equipment can make big jobs very easy and allow you to start relaxing in no time! For more information on the best caravanning accessories for your pitch get in touch with us!