Next Generation Caravanning – The Latest Technology

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Next Generation Caravanning – The Latest Technology

Gone are the days of pushing your caravan around by hand, washing under a bucket of water, or even assembling an awning with anything more than a few pumps of air. That’s right, welcome to the latest generation of camping, a generation that requires no more than a push of a button, or the flick of a switch to get the job done. Some say lazy…we say relaxing, and after all that’s what you’re camping for, right? So, tell Alexa to make a cup of tea, put your feet up, and read on to find out how technology could revolutionise your caravanning holidays.


The Traditional Caravanning Holiday


Caravanning has always been focussed on providing a peaceful and chilled out experience, but there are always things we end up having to do which just take that relaxing edge off of our caravan break. Traditionally, even getting your caravan to the perfect spot in your caravan pitch can take quite a bit of elbow grease. In a tight pitch it can be a bit of a team effort manhandling your caravan into position – not the greatest way to start any camping holiday.

Most forms of basic caravanning has always been associated with a distinct lack of creature comforts. Now, this isn’t always a bad thing, having some time away from the hustle and bustle of busy cities and living ‘naturally’ is great for de-stressing and enjoying your surroundings. But, that doesn’t mean a helping hand isn’t welcome, just to make some things a little more enjoyable!


What Next Generation Camping Can Offer You


When we talk about next generation camping, we don’t mean your caravan is going to turn into something suitable for space travel, but instead how modern technology can help expand your camping potential. Modern technology can take the hassle out of camping to leave you more time to enjoy the more exciting aspects of your time away.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest caravan technology which will take your camping to the next level.


Our Must-Have Camping Tech


  • Motor Movers – If you have read The Autoleisure Guide to Motor Movers (and if you haven’t you really should!) you will already know how useful these state-of-the-art bits of kit are. Manoeuvring your caravan goes from being a stressful and laborious task to something that is actually fun. Just pick up the remote and press a few buttons to get your caravan in that prime position, you’ll be looking for any excuse to use it…just be sure not to confuse it with your TV remote.

Motor Mover


  • Air Conditioning – As the summer nears, taking your caravan out becomes irresistible. But we all know how hot it can get inside a caravan when the weather warms up. With the latest caravan air condition units and accessories, you are able to take complete control over the climate inside your caravan or motorhome. Modern air conditioning units are lightweight, compact, and highly efficient. They can be controlled with just a few clicks of a button and maintain a comfortable temperature inside your caravan during your time away.

  • Caravan Solar Panels – One of the most important things when caravanning is keeping your batteries charged, usually the solution to this is to plug into an external power supply when you are at your camping pitch. But what if there is no power supply, or you just want to go somewhere where this isn’t an option? Well, it sounds like you might benefit from a caravan solar panel. Working in the same way household polar panels do, caravan solar panels will provide a source of free electrical energy for your caravan. They are great for ensuring your caravan battery is always topped up, and will even work in the winter time to trickle charge your batteries, keeping them in optimum condition.

  • Inflatable Awnings & Annexes – Awnings and annexes are a great, cost-effective way to quickly increase the living space inside your caravan. Awnings come in all shapes and sizes to give you a variety of options when choosing one for your caravan setup. The latest of these awnings & annexes are made to be lightweight, sturdy, and easy to set up, but how do they do it you ask? Air. That’s right, the latest awnings and annexes are inflatable. Made of highly durable polyester, these hard-wearing caravan accessories are almost identical to their steel-framed counterparts – only far lighter, quicker to erect, simpler to disassemble, and easier to store. What’s not to love!


The Smaller Things


With technology progressing rapidly it is unsurprising caravanning is following suit, but we’re not just here to praise the large advancements, sometimes even the smallest things can make a big difference to your camping trip. Let’s take a look at some of the simplest items which can totally revolutionise the way you camp:

  • Showering Equipment – Everyone loves to take a shower once in a while, but what if you want to take your caravan somewhere without showering facilities and you don’t have a shower built into your caravan? Well, traditionally you would have two options – smell, or brave pouring a bucket of water over yourself, neither of which sound particularly appealing to us. But luckily now you have a third choice, a pop-up shower tent. Simply combine this with a portable shower unit and you have yourself a fully functional, private, and portable shower.

  • Safety Equipment – Safety is a big factor to consider when you’re staying a caravan. Modern safety equipment not only allows you to monitor more things, it monitors to higher accuracy and will provide more effective warnings if there are issues. Everything from carbon monoxide detectors to fire extinguishers are here to keep you, your family, and your caravan safe in all situations.

Carbon Monoxide