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How to Choose the Perfect Caravan Site

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How to Choose the Perfect Caravan Site

Choosing your caravan site can be a big decision, it dictates where you will be staying, what you will be doing, and can ultimately have a big impact on the enjoyment of your break. So today we're going to share our top tips on how you can go about choosing the right caravan site for you.

The preference of caravan site varies from person to person and will differ depending on your wants and needs. The type of site you choose will also depend on the facilities you have in your caravan and the facilities you look for from a caravan site. Perhaps you like to avoid using your caravan's shower, or you are staying for a long time I will need clothes washing amenities. To choose the perfect caravanning site for you, you first need to think about what you want to get out of the caravanning holiday. If it's your first time caravanning it can be a little more difficult to work out exactly what you will or won't need. So if this is you, we always recommend playing it safe and going to a caravanning site that provides almost all of the amenities you would expect in a normal house.


What Facilities Will You Need?

The facilities provided are one of the most variable factors when it comes to choosing a caravaning site. In the UK there are caravan sites that will have facilities more luxurious than most houses, then there will also be sites that have little or no facilities at all. Where you choose on this scale is totally up to you, but it can have a big impact on your holiday. That is not to say the fewer the facilities the worse experience you will have - in fact, caravan sites with fewer facilities will often be in more rural areas, making for some of the most beautiful caravanning sites in the country.

But if you are used to the creature comforts you have at home it might be worth heading to a site that provides toilet and shower facilities, electrical hook-up, and a water supply as a minimum. If you are staying at the site for a long period of time we would recommend finding somewhere that also provides clothes washing facilities and nearby access to local shops to restock your food cupboards.

And of course, we can't forget things like fire pits & BBQs (or at least the permission that these are allowed). Campsites will usually state whether you are allowed to have small fires or barbecues at your caravan pitch (or in dedicated communal areas). So if roasting marshmallows is on your agenda make sure you check it is allowed before making your booking!

Caravan Site

Get a Feel for the Site

Different caravan sites can have different personalities - this depends on their location, the rules of the site, and the type of campers it attracts.

The location is probably the most influential variable from site to site, and it will dictate the answer to the rest. For example, bigger sites that are closer to built-up areas will often have a larger number of amenities and this may include larger communal areas including bars and restaurants. This type of site will generally be more attractive for larger groups and can make for a much more social experience and even host small parties - this means the caravanning site will generally be louder and will have less strict rules surrounding noise levels.

On the other hand, the smaller and more remote caravanning sites well generally have a more stern approach to noise levels and may enforce rules which put a curfew on noise levels - perhaps not the best option for larger families, but certainly a very peaceful and relaxed caravanning experience.

To get the best idea as to what to expect from the caravanning site try to read as many reviews from previous guests as possible. Combining this with the rules which should be stated on the site's website and some pictures of the surrounding area you should be able to get a rough idea of what to expect when you turn up and the type of experience that you are in for.


Making a Shortlist

Can you really call it decision-making if you haven't made a shortlist? … We think not. Once you have narrowed your choices down to a few it's time to put them against each other in a final shortlist. If you are going away with friends or family members maybe let them make the final decision or help to choose where you are going.

Once you've made your final choice make sure you don't throw away the runners-up, they can always make for brilliant alternative sites in the future! A shortlist can be a valuable item when you are looking for quick getaway ideas. It also means when you see a caravanning site that you like the look of you can quickly add it to your shortlist and refer to it later on.

Caravan Site

To Summarise

So here are a few things to remember next time you are looking for a new caravanning site to visit:

  • What facilities does the campsite have?
  • Are barbecues and campfires allowed?
  • What is the surrounding area like? (is it rural etc.)
  • How strict are the rules? (are there any noise curfew's etc.)
  • Is it a large or small caravanning site
  • What type of campers will be staying there
  • How far is the drive?
  • Are there plenty of activities in the local area?

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