Five Must-Have Caravanning Accessories

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Five Must-Have Caravanning Accessories

Who doesn't love owning some shiny new gadgets or accessories? Well, today we're going to take a look at our top five must-have caravan accessories that you simply have to have when first owning a caravan. Our list ranges from accessories to make your life easier, to make your caravan safer, or just to be plain fancy. So, without further ado let's get started.


Water & Waste Carriers

If you plan on making a cup of tea, using the toilet, or doing anything with the water systems in your caravan, it's going to be worth investing in a water carrier. Traditionally refilling your caravan water would be an extremely laborious task, to say the least. Requiring multiple trips to a tap at your campsite to fill up a jerry can - which would more often than not lead to a rather sore back.

Well, you will be pleased to hear those days are gone. Accessories like the Aquaroll water carrier completely relieve all of the stress and weight-bearing associated with refilling your caravan water supply. These handy accessories can be filled with as much as 40 litres of fresh water, and are simply rolled along the ground on their built-in rubber tyres. Adapters allow you to connect your Aquaroll directly to your caravan water supply in seconds.


Now of course when you are using water in your caravan there will come a time when you will need to empty your caravan waste tank. This has been traditionally known as one of the least attractive jobs associated with caravanning, however similarly to filling your fresh water tanks, there are now accessories that make emptying your waste tanks just as easy. Fiamma has developed a rolling waste tank capable of carrying 40 litres of waste water from your caravan. The design of this is similar to a suitcase and allows you to pull the tank along with minimal exertion. Large wheels make it easy to pull the tank over uneven terrain, and the use of a strong plastic material makes the waste tank very versatile. These tanks simply fit into your caravan waste area and act as the caravan waste tank - meaning you never have to transfer waste between two tanks.


Power Cable

The modern world is full of electrical items, so connecting your caravan to mains electricity when you can, makes your stay far more comfortable. To do this you will need a caravan hook-up extension cable. These cables allow you to plug your caravan directly into the main electricity supply at your caravan pitch. They come in a variety of sizes, however, the longer sizes, such as the 25m cable, allow you more flexibility at each caravan pitch you visit so you will never find you don’t have enough cable.


Power cables take the stress off of your caravan batteries and they mean you'll have an unlimited supply of electricity during your stay. They are also great for when your caravan is in storage during colder months if you are running a dehumidifier or any other equipment to keep your caravan in top condition when it is not in use.


Towing Mirrors

Towing mirrors are an important accessory when you are transporting your caravan behind your towing vehicle. As caravans increase the length of your vehicle you may find the standard mirrors on your vehicle are not long enough to provide a good rearward view. This is where towing mirrors come in handy. They extend your standard mirrors to allow for the extra length of the vehicle and caravan.

Towing Mirrors

Most towing mirrors can be fitted within a few minutes and you will find them invaluable during manoeuvres or when you're in busy traffic on the road. The law on towing mirrors states that if your caravan is wider than the rear of your vehicle you must fit towing mirrors. When you are towing your caravan without them, you are not only putting yourself and others at physical risk due to lack of visibility, but also risking three points on your licence, and a fine of up to £1000 for each mirror infringement.

When mirrors are fitted to your vehicle you should have a clear four-metre field of vision out to the side of your vehicle, and at least 20 metres back from the driver.


Caravan Security Accessories

Keeping Your caravan safe and protected when this is not in use can sometimes be a massive worry. But using the correct caravan security accessories can massively reduce the risk of your caravan being stolen or vandalised.

When it comes to caravan security we believe you can never have enough, but some key accessories have been proven to work against thieves. The idea of caravan accessory devices is to make stealing your caravan as difficult as possible. Think wheels and tow hitch, and you'll see what we are getting at - It isn't very easy to tow a caravan if you can't access the tow hitch, and the wheels won't turn!

Wheel Clamps are a fantastic way to disable the wheels of your caravan when you're not using it. They are quick and easy to fit but present a real challenge to remove if you are a thief and don't have access to the key. Wheel clamps come in a variety of sizes and styles, but the way they work is very similar. They simply stop the rotation of the wheel, while also covering wheel nuts so these cannot be removed either.

Wheel Clamp

If a thief wants to tow away your caravan they will need to hook it onto their tow ball, right? Well, what if the tow hitch on your caravan was completely locked? This is what Caravan Hitch Locks are for. These very small security devices fit into the tow hitch of your caravan and lock in place to stop a tow ball been connected. Hitch locks are one of the smallest security accessories you can buy for your caravan however the extremely rugged design and compact nature make them a very effective form of protection.


Caravan Steps

You May find when you reach your caravan pitch the way your caravan is positioned means the front door is slightly higher than usual. This means either you have to take a massive step up and down every time you leave or enter your caravan, or you can simply use a caravan step. Caravan steps can make all the difference when you are going in and out of your caravan regularly. They are also great as makeshift seats when you have that one extra visitor you weren't expecting!