Common Camping Mistakes to Avoid

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Common Camping Mistakes to Avoid

With staycations being so popular amongst us in the UK this year, I think we can confidently say there will have been no shortage of camping mishaps. Perhaps you’ve seen one… maybe you’ve had one… well look no further than this very blog for everything to avoid when it comes to camping or caravanning.

With some travel restrictions still in place, and the traffic light system being used for those travelling abroad, the majority of Britons have chosen to take their vacations without travelling overseas this year. What better time to bring you a few tips to help avoid mishaps during your relaxing caravanning breaks – so without further ado let’s get into it!

Preparation is Key

As with most things preparation can be the difference between success and failure. Now I know what you’re thinking - that’s pretty vague. What do I need to prepare? What am I preparing for?! Well, the truth is the more you prepare for, the less chance anything could go wrong. As stressed by Simon Naylor, vehicle expert, in the article “Camping and caravan: Common mistakes to avoid on the road”, taking enough time to prepare before a camping or caravanning holiday is vital. So, here are some ideas on the most important things you should think about before you set out on that camping adventure:

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Checking Your Caravan Over

Getting to your destination is going to be the first thing on your list of things to do when you turn the ignition key and start your journey. But before you turn that key let’s make sure your caravan is in a fit state to make that trip!

Checking the condition of your caravan or motorhome is a non-negotiable, even if you do nothing else, this is a MUST. It is not only important for the safety of you and anyone else you are travelling with, but also for other road users.

Regularly servicing your caravan or motorhome is great for maintaining safety on the road, but checking a few things should be done before every journey:

  • Tyres – Check for any damage, bulges, and ensure sufficient tread depth - this should be at least 1.6mm according to the Highway Code.

  • Fluid Levels – Give your fluid levels a quick check (car/motorhome). Check oil levels, brake fluids, coolant, and wiper fluid to ensure they are topped up for the journey. Carrying some extra engine oil is always a good idea (especially in older motorhomes) if you need to top up along the way. It’s also a good time to check you have enough fuel for the trip!

Packing & Loading

Packing your caravan is not only an important consideration to make for practical reasons (ie. Being able to access what you need when you need it), it is also important for weight distribution. This has the most pronounced effect in caravans, but can affect the stability of a motorhome too!

When you are loading your caravan or motorhome try to spread the weight evenly, back to front, and left to right. This will mean you will be able to corner more easily and make stopping much safer. Our ‘Weight Distribution & Loading Your Caravan’ blog covers the best ways to do this in more detail.

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Route Planning

Towing a caravan or driving a motorhome down narrow or winding roads can be a different experience from when you are driving a normal car – especially if you aren’t expecting certain tight turns or road closures. Planning your route ahead of time and getting yourself accustomed to the route features you should expect will give you some time to prepare how you will deal with them. This will also allow you to avoid them if necessary so you can take an alternative route.

It is important to factor in break stops if it is a long trip and when you plan on taking these throughout the journey. You should also think about your passengers, if you are taking children with you, they are going to become restless during a long journey and may cause distractions – all the more reason to ensure all of you get enough time to take a break during the trip!

To Sum Everything Up

Caravanning can be one of the most relaxing types of holidays, and we believe it is the best holiday you can have when staying in the UK. With total freedom on where you go and when you go there, what could be better? But it is always important to give your holiday a little thought before you leave – especially when it comes to the journey to and from your destination. Caravans and motorhomes take that little bit of extra care when on the road. But if thought about in enough detail before you leave, the journey to your destination can be just as much a part of your holiday as any other time you are away!