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Caravan & Motorhome Gas

The gas systems onboard your caravan or motorhome are vital when your away on your camping holidays, allowing you to heat food, your caravan, and water. Ensuring your gas equipment is reliable and safe is a lifesaver…literally. You should make a habit of monitoring your gas systems throughout the year, even when your caravan is not in use. Make sure you are always aware of any worn parts and replace them as soon as possible. Today we are going to cover some useful equipment and tips for keeping your caravan gas systems in order, as well as some of the best brands for reliability and price.


Gas Safety


The safety of gas systems onboard a caravan are vital. Due to the confined environment within a caravan, a small gas leak can become a big problem very quickly. Gas alarm devices are a great addition to any caravan or motorhome to have that extra level of protection for you and your family. Gas alarms are great for alerting you to any gas leaks within your caravan, including a build up of carbon monoxide, which can be lethal. An investment in gas monitoring devices should be as important as fire safety devices such as fire alarms as they dramatically reduce any possible risk to the occupants of your caravan by acting as an early warning system.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

If you suspect there is a leak within your gas systems in your caravan you should avoid connecting your caravan gas supply to your caravan without fixing the leak first. This can sometimes be a difficult job to do, but Truma has got you covered. Their gas leak detection device is dedicated to pinpointing the location of your gas leak to enable an efficient and effective repair to be made.


Truma Gas


With over 70 years of experience in the caravanning and motorhome world, Truma are the leading suppliers of a high quality and long-lasting caravanning equipment. One of the largest area’s covered by Truma is caravan and motorhome gas. Keeping a functional and safe gas system on your caravan is vital, and with Truma its easy. With a huge selection of parts and systems you will always be able to find the parts you need.

The high-quality spares supplied by Truma will ensure you always have a gas system which is there when you need it thanks to Truma’s exceptional reliability. Truma have a fantastic safety record on all the parts they supply with valves built in to all of their gas regulators for easy gas flow control.


Gas Monitoring


Monitoring the gas usage and the levels in your gas bottle is a great idea when you are away, it allows you to plan out how long your gas reserves will last and how soon you will have to resupply. Monitoring the amount of gas you have in your gas bottle used to be a lot of guess work, relying on the weight of your gas bottle estimating how many dinners you can make before your left without any cooking appliances in your caravan. But modern technology means you can now get an accurate gas level reading from your caravan gas bottle quickly and effectively without even disconnecting the regulator. The Truma gas level checker is an easy-to-use handheld gas level checking device which uses ultrasound technology to give you a gas level reading in seconds! This not only means you are better able to monitor the gas supply you have but helps save you money by allowing you to effectively use all of the gas within your gas bottle and refilling only when totally necessary.

Truma gas level checker

Gas Usage


Gas usage is an important consideration to make before your leave for your camping trip. It is something that requires an element of experience to calculate accurately, as you will then know how often you use gas consuming appliances. But even if it’s your first camping trip it is a great idea to estimate roughly how long you will use each appliance for, to give yourself an idea of how much gas you should stock for your camping trip.

It is worth noting the usage of gas in your caravan or motorhome is heavily dependant on factors such as outside temperature, caravan insulation, number of occupants, and cooking habits. But to help get an ideal of how much gas you should expect to use on your stays, here are a few appliances and their rate of gas consumption:

  • Heater (approx. 150 – 500 g/h)
  • Boiler (approx. 120 g/h)
  • Stove/cooker (approx. 50 – 160 g/h)
  • Oven (approx. 80 – 120 g/h)
  • BBQ (approx. 300 – 400 g/h)
  • Refrigerator (approx. 14 – 20 g/h)

Gas Bottle

In conclusion, it is important to ensure your caravan gas equipment is always in top condition, gas system quality is of particular importance compared to some other systems onboard your caravan due to its life threating nature if there is a leak or malfunction. You should try to implement as many measures as possible to mitigate the risk of this. Try to ensure you gas systems are fully serviced at the correct time intervals, this will also include the gas bottle itself. We would also highly recommend installing gas detection systems where possible. A gas supply cut off valve is useful for stopping the flow of gas in the case of an emergency or when the caravan is not in use.