An Autoleisure Awning Guide

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An Autoleisure Awning Guide

Have you ever been camping and just needed that extra little bit of indoor space? Or perhaps the British weather is just spoiling your camping trip with its oh-so unpredictable nature, one moment you’re boiling hot, the next you’re drenched from head to toe… Well, we might just have the answer to your prayers, a caravan awning! Not only do these provide you with some much-needed extra room, but they can also give you a comfortable place to shelter in even the most extremes of British weather.


Awning Advantages


Awnings come in many different shapes and sizes, each type bringing with it it’s own advantages when compared with the next. The great thing about awnings is their versatility, no matter what you’re looking for, or need from your awning, nine times out of ten, it will deliver. Firstly, the most obvious advantage to an awning is you can almost double the usable, sheltered area your caravan can provide. With awnings such as the Trigano Lima Inflatable Caravan Awning offering an extra 2.9m of luxurious living space in minutes, only using a pump!

Depending on the size and style of awning you choose to go for, the conditions you would expect inside the awning aren’t far off those you expect inside your caravan. Modern materials and construction methods mean you can have a lightweight, strong and sometimes insulated awning area. Modern technology has also allowed the assembly methods of awnings to advance, with a lot of awning designers opting to choose an ‘air frame’, over the traditional steel frame many older awnings have. Although the steel frame arguably provides a stronger frame when it is up against the absolute worst weather, there is no question the advantages of an ‘air frame’ are immense.




Take the Trigano Bali Inflatable Car Awning for example. This awning fits to motorhomes and vans, requiring just a pump to assemble the awning in a few minutes. Not only does this eliminate the need for heavy framework (making it extremely light), it makes assembly and disassembly a breeze! Now we know what you might be thinking, ‘what if my awning gets a puncture?’ Well, you’ll be pleased to know they have thought this one through. The air frames used in inflatable awnings have not just been specially developed to be extremely durable, but also to be removable. So, in the unlikely event you do experience a punctured frame, simply replace it with a Trigano Awning Roof Air Beam.


Finding The Right Awning For You


It might seem like a big decision when choosing the right awning for you, but the great thing about awnings is that one awning can serve many purposes. Of course, there are awnings that are more specialised than others, for example if you are just looking for some protection form the elements it might be worth going for a caravan canopy, like the Trigano Mini Silver Solette Sun Canopy which provides you with a massive 3.8 metres of weather protection. Canopies are best suited for the summer months giving some much-needed shade and sun protection. If you’re a fair-weather camper, a canopy might just be what you’re looking for.




For those of you who don’t mind risking some slightly colder weather to make the most of your caravan all year round, a full caravan awning might be more suited. These are available in a lot of sizes, with different features that make them more suited to certain activities- though all of them are more than capable of giving you everything you could want from an awning! For example, if you will be using your awning mainly for extra accommodation, it would probably be worth going for an awning with a build in ground sheet for convenience. If you intend to use your awning purely for a table and chairs to enjoy some al fresco dining a ground sheet wouldn’t be so necessary.

The main priority when it comes to choosing the right awning for you, is mainly down to the awnings which will fit your caravan, which we will cover next…


Which Awning Will Fit My Caravan?


Checking if an awning will fit your caravan is rather straightforward. There are three main sizes when it comes to awnings, these being the depth of the awning (measured perpendicular to the side of your caravan outwards), the width of the awning (you will want this to be less than the length of your caravan, so the awning doesn’t hang over at the edges), and the height (measured from the ground, to the roof of your caravan). The depth of the awning doesn’t tend to make any difference to how the awning will fit your caravan, but only impacts the amount of room you have inside the awning. However, you should try to ensure the width and height of your awning are correct for the caravan you have. Luckily the height of awnings have a broad range of fitting sizes, thanks to the use of bellows which can be easily adjusted. If you are purchasing an awning from Autoleisure and need more assistance on choosing an awning to fit your caravan, just get in touch with us here.




Assembling, Storing & Maintaining My Awning


There are two main styles of awning to choose from, these are steel frames and inflatable. The way you will assemble, disassemble, and store your awning will come down to which of these you choose. An inflatable awning is by far the most simple and easy one of the two, due to its lighter weight and simple assembly procedure, consisting of a few pumps of air, and the use of ties and pegs to secure it to your caravan and the ground.

Steel frames awnings are slightly more complex when in comes to assembly, while also being more bulky and heavier to store. Though, these do provide an extremely sturdy awning which should handle everything you can throw at it. Construction of these awnings will require the assembly of the steel frame within the awning and will be easiest if you can find yourself someone to help you.


Awning Accessories


Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more freedom when it comes to awnings, and you hear they make accessories too?! Yep, that’s right. So now you have your caravan and your awning set up and you’re thinking ‘this set up could really use a kitchen and another bedroom’, well why not add some? Kitchens, bedrooms, storage areas, and extra walls are all available as accessories for awnings…I mean at this stage we are really building a house aren’t we…but why not! Awnings are built to have walls easily removed, allowing extra annex modules to be added. Accessories can help bring an extra level of modularity to your caravan set up, with extra privacy and even further room for you and all the family.