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Adventuring With Tentbox

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Adventuring With Tentbox

Introducing Tentbox - the latest in tent innovation, allowing you to camp anywhere you can get your vehicle. The Tentbox allows you to live the van life without the large outgoings of buying a van. Tentbox can be set up in minutes and gives you enough living space for two people to sleep comfortably. So, join us for today's blog as we discover why Tentbox should be joining you on your next adventure.

What is Tentbox?

Tentbox represents the best of both worlds, low-cost camping with the convenience of fast setup time and a large living area. The clever design of Tentbox allows it to be easily connected to the roof rack of your vehicle, with access to the Tentbox by a built-in ladder.

High-quality construction materials mean that Tentbox is completely water and weatherproof with a great level of durability. Choose between the three options of Tentbox ranging from the Tentbox Lite to the Tentbox Cargo, with the Tentbox Classic as their midrange option.

The Tentbox Lite is the budget option of the range, but don't let the low price fool you. This Tentbox is a fully functional space for two people to live and sleep comfortably, and connect to your vehicle in the same way as the rest of the range. It has a 5 minute setup time and packs away in a waterproof case when not in use. The Tentbox Cargo is the most premium rooftop tent in the range and features an aluminium storage case and a setup time of less than 60 seconds!

The full selection of Tentbox includes built-in ladders, mattresses, and fitting kits to secure it to your vehicle. They are also fully collapsible into a waterproof and weatherproof casing for when in transit.

Tentbox Cargo

Why Tentbox?

It is obvious with the design of Tentbox there were two goals in mind during their creation - to bring you closer to nature, and to be an ultra-convenient camping option. The flawless design of these rooftop tents makes for incredible ease of use, meaning the days of fumbling with tent poles and groundsheets are most definitely over.

But just because the Tentbox is super easy to erect and dismantle doesn't take away from the delightfully humbling experience that is tent camping. Tentbox brings you closer to nature than ever before with a multitude of windows and doors which can take accessibility to the next level. Built-in awnings stop any rainfall from entering your tent during the winter, and bring an element of shade during the summer - allowing you to keep your doors open and soak up more of your surroundings without any discomfort.

Where Can Tentbox Go?


Tentbox has been designed for the traveller - built for those who love to explore and don't want to waste time erecting and dismantling their tent. The universal fit of Tentbox allows it to be attached to any vehicle with a roof rack. So wherever you drive you will always have your tent with you and in a few minutes, you can construct a comfortable living space for two people.

The Tentbox is ideal for roadside camping when the scenery is just too good to miss, or for staying that extra night because your inner adventurer doesn't want to go home just yet. The opportunities presented by Tentbox are endless, limited only by the bounds of your imagination - a true revolution in the camping world.

Tentbox Lite

Save Money & Stay Eco Friendly

A camper van, caravan, or motorhome is every campers’ dream - but what if there was a way to get you closer to the action, for less, and to be kinder to the planet. The Tentbox does it all. Go where no camper van, caravan, or motorhome has ever been before with a Tentbox on an off-road vehicle. Take to the tracks and discover a whole new camping world without having to waste energy lugging you are camping equipment on your back.

The Tentbox is also far cheaper than a camper van, caravan, or motorhome, giving you full functionality at just a fraction of the cost. A Tentbox is also far more eco-friendly due to its lighter weight and a smaller number of construction materials, so it is not only better for you but it is also better for the planet.

Tentbox Classic

What You Need to Start Tentbox Camping

Tentbox It is all about convenience, so the shopping list to start Tentbox camping is a short one. The universal design of Tentbox allows them to be attached to any roof rack system, with the Tentbox pack including everything you need to connect the tent to your roof rack. We would advise purchasing a high-quality roof rack system for your Tentbox, such as the Thule WingBar Evo this will make for a much sturdier base and will give you peace of mind that your vehicle, Tentbox, and of course yourself will always be safe.

Tentbox Lite

Can We Help You?

Do you like the sound of a Tentbox? Well, we can help you. Autoleisure is a leading supplier of caravanning, camping, and leisure goods with a highly experienced team who are bursting with knowledge! if you have any questions about a Tentbox or any other products we have don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are always on hand to give our best advice to make sure your adventuring never stops.