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5 Common Caravan Repairs & How to Complete Them

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5 Common Caravan Repairs & How to Complete Them

Though caravans are built to spend the majority of their life outside and put up with the worst of the British weather there will be times when they will need to be repaired. Depending on the issue or scale of the problem, this could be something you might want to have a go at repairing yourself to save some money on professional repair costs. Today we are going to have a look at five common caravan repair jobs you might come across, and how they can be fixed. If you are not confident in DIY it is worth getting a professional in to help complete the jobs.

The most important thing when it comes to caravan repairs is to catch them early. Leaving any repair job for a long time will only lead to the problem becoming more severe and therefore more difficult to fix. Regularly checking over your caravan for issues is the best way of spotting problems early and therefore keeping big jobs to a minimum. The winter months are a great time to start work on your caravan so it's ready for the spring and another summer full of adventures. Here are our top five repairs to keep an eye out for in your caravan.


Shower Repairs

The shower unit is perhaps one of the least commonly used features of your caravan. Most people will opt to use campsite facilities if they are available, which can sometimes leave your caravan shower unused for long periods. This means perishing can occur and it also means if there are any issues they can go unnoticed for a while.

Caravan shower trays are more prone to stress cracks than you shower at home. These cracks can quickly turn into leaks and cause damage throughout your entire caravan. If you notice cracking in your shower tray or any signs of wear you must catch them early to avoid damage to more of your caravan and its structure. If you can see signs of aging in your caravan shower tray, the safest solution is to replace the entire tray - though it is possible to make repairs on small stress fractures and cracks, these are often a telltale sign that the plastic in the shower tray has begun to degrade and will therefore start to fail in other places as well.

The showerhead in your caravan shower is another area that can often need repair or replacement. Showerheads can often become blocked, especially if you live in an area with hard water. Hard water can lead to the deposit of limestone and other minerals in the fine nozzles of the showerhead and will therefore eventually block them up causing uneven spray patterns.

Finally, caravan showers will often become stained over time. Using caravan cleaning chemicals is it great way of removing stains that are already in your caravan shower, and avoiding new stains forming.

Professional Repairs

Worktop repairs

It's not uncommon to have some sort of damage on your caravans' worktop. Worktops in caravans are typically made to be very lightweight with very basic support and structure - this leads to a reduced damage capacity. Cracks, dents, and even burns are often found on caravan worktops, and if things get too bad they can compromise the functionality of the surface.

Unlike shower trays, worktops do not pose any threat to any other area of your caravan if they do break. Though this is a massive benefit, it is no consolation to losing one of the most important services in your caravan - so looking after your worktop properly is always a good idea. Small cracks and dents can be filled to provide some extra strength to broken worktops. If a small crack is left untreated it will only get larger over time and eventually result in the complete failure of the worktop. If you notice you're worktop beginning to sag or warp, it could be a good time to have it replaced.

Replacing a worktop can be done by anyone with DIY knowledge - the hardest part is cutting the worktop to the size and shape required to fit your caravan. If you do choose to fit the worktop yourself, make sure you seal it around the edges to stop any spilled liquid's from leaking down the sides. Anything that gets trapped behind the worktop could lead to damp areas and mould forming.


Window Repairs

Windows are another big one when it comes to making important caravan repairs. Small cracks in windows can soon lead to larger ones and eventually to the window being compromised. This is why it is important to manage window repairs efficiently. Caravan window repairs are something we would recommend you leave to the professionals. Luckily, small window fixes are not too expensive, and fixing a small chip in it is far cheaper than if you allow it to get worse and eventually need to replace the entire window.

Windows should also be cleaned regularly to stop any permanent staining from occurring. Standing on windows will not only be unsightly but they will also reduce the amount of light inside your caravan which can make it more difficult to control mould and damp. Treating the seals around your windows will also help extend their life span. Seals will often become brittle with age if they are left untreated and this can be a cause of leaking. Wiping any dirt off of your window seals and using a silicone-based lubricant to provide a protective film over them can help reduce the risk of them perishing.


Cupboard Repairs

Where would we be without caravan cupboards? Our caravan cupboards allow us to store everything neatly (..sometimes) inside the caravan living space. Caravan cupboard doors are regularly opened and closed, and with most of them having a locking mechanism it is common for something to go wrong with them. It is important all of your cupboard doors can be closed securely when your caravan is being transported. All of the hinges should function correctly, and then a condition where they can stop the contents of the cupboard from being ejected during transportation.

Most caravan cupboard issues can be fixed easily with a little bit of DIY. More often than not it will just be a case of tightening or replacing a screw or spraying some lubricant on locking and closing mechanisms. However, if you find yourself with a broken lock, hinge, or latch, we would highly recommend changing the broken mechanism. Faulty cupboard mechanisms can lead to items inside the cupboard breaching the cupboard doors during caravan transportation - damaging both the contents of the cupboard and your caravan.

if you notice one of the mechanisms on your caravan cupboards becoming sticky, spray it with some lubricating oil as soon as possible - this is usually enough to free the mechanism up and also protect it in the future. We would recommend spraying all suitable cupboard mechanisms with a small amount of lubricant to keep them functioning correctly and ensure they are fully protected.

Caravan Interior

Wall Repairs

Caravans can be quite delicate when you compare them to your average house, so it is not uncommon for screws to be pulled out of walls, or dents to be made in them. It is possible to fill small areas of damage in caravan walls (such as where screws have been pulled out) with some high-quality filler. However, for larger areas of substantial damage, we would recommend you call a professional to help complete the repair.

Large areas of damage in caravan walls run the risk of affecting the structure of the caravan, This is why it is important to have these checked over by a professional and repaired accordingly. Damage to caravan walls can often occur when items are not secured properly during the transport of your caravan. This is why it is vital all items, whether they're large or small, are put away in safe areas before towing your caravan. Large items can destroy the interior of your caravan if they are left loose during transport.

To Summarise


Make sure to always try and catch repairs before they get too severe, this will give you more of a chance of repairing it yourself and therefore saving costs on professional repairs. It can sometimes be difficult to source parts for your caravan and that's where we can help. Autoleisure is a leading supplier of caravan parts, and our professional team is always on hand to give you advice and guidance on what's best for you and your caravan. If you have any questions regarding repairs to your caravan get in touch with us today to speak to one of our friendly team members.